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6th-Greenhouse Gases, CO2 and Global Warming

In elementary school, the students had been learning about the use of fossil fuels and its effect on air pollution. The sixth grade teachers used the classic lab on carbon dioxide and temperature change to help their students understand the effect of global increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Then children took the messages home and worked with their families to implement activities to reduce carbon emissions.

Teachers:Monica Chavez, Luis Diaz, Teresa Pena


  • Solar radiation passes through the atmosphere and is absorbed by the earth and changed into heat. CO2 and other greenhouse gases trap greater quantities of the radiation thus increasing the temperature.
  • Burning fossil fuels for energy, such as heating our homes and businesses and running our cars and trucks, has increased rapidly since the industrial revolution. This has caused increases in the levels of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
  • The additional CO2 in the atmosphere creates a 'blanket' around the earth that traps the heat.

6th Introduction

6th Background Information

6th Inquiry Activities